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Following are some of products which are particularly designed as per market standard and keeping in view the requirement and application in the range of projects.

Medium Strength Concret

OPC -Standard concrete Mixes, Grade C15-C45 using Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) for general use.

Medium Strength Concrete

SRC-Standard concrete mixes, Grade C15-C40 using Sulphate Resisting Cement for structures directly in contact with the soil or potential areas of sulphate attack.

High Strength Concrete-Ultra High strength concrete

Special designed concrete mixes Grade C50 and above to meet extra high strength requirements using Silica fume and high performance admixtures.

Extra Durable Concrete

Concrete mixes to meet the durability criteria of national and international concrete specifications using cementetious additions viz, Silica fume, PFA and GGBFS.

Waterproof Concrete

Concrete mixes with waterproofing compounds for water retaining structures.

Pile Concrete

Concrete mixes with high workability specially designed for piling works.

Concrete with Corrosion Inhibitor

Concrete mixes with Corrosion inhibitor for preventing long term corrosion of steel reinforcements inside the structures.

Concrete with Fibres

Concrete mixes with polypropylene fibres to enhance tensile strength of concrete and hence prevent cracking.


Cocrete mixes with MSA 5mm for shotcreting/guniting purposes.  Special Design Mixes-Concrete mixes designed to meet specifications which are not covered in the above group and altered to meet special placement  requirements.

Screed Concrete

Concrete mixes with MSA 10mm for thin layer of concrete applications such as beneath flooring materials and roof tops

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